year XIV / 2009

Publication RulesTrébol

Trébol is a MAPFRE RE quarterly publication which includes contents of interest for insurance and reinsurance companies.

The Trébol Editors Board agrees to assess for publication original and unpublished articles and research work, in Spanish and English, connected with technical, commercial and management aspects of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Texts should be submitted by email to the following address:

All works will be subjected to an assessment process by the Editors Board, which will accept or decline their publication or just suggest amendments. Those that are not accepted will be send back to the submitter’s address.

Those articles to be include in Trébol hard copy issues will also be published in electronic format on MAPFRE RE Website, as well as in other formats which may be created in the future; the authors of the articles must agree to these and other forms of virtual or digital publication.

The author will receive a set of first proofs for correction, while any revision of the second proofs remains at the discretion of the Editors Board. When correcting proofs, additions should be made to the original version only on very rare occasions and must be duly justified. In the case of articles written by several authors, the name, email address and telephone number of the author who will act as liaison between the magazine and the rest of the authors must be given.

Structure and content of the material

The written material submitted must consist of between 1,500 and 2,000 words. It should be sent in Word format and must adhere to the following structure:

  • Title of the article, including heading and sub-title if so considered by the author.
  • Surname and initials of the authors, plus their academic and professional qualifications and contact information for the author responsible for correspondence (address, telephone number, fax number and email address).


  • Lead-in or brief summary of the article.
  • General text consisting of the following sections:
    • Introduction
    • Contenst with the corresponding sections
    • Conclusions
  • Images. Images or figures must be in colour and of the highest possible quality, with a resolution of 300 dpp and of an optimum size for reproduction. They should be sent in tif, jpg or pdf format. Images must be numbered in Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text and accompanied by a caption or explanation. In addition, the body of the article shall refer to the appropriate image or graphic using the abbreviation (fig. x). The source shall be given where appropriate. The Editors Board may add any image from an image bank if it considers it necessary to do so during layout.
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Personal Data Protection. The authors will return the clause that MAPFRE RE will provide duly signed. When required, permission to reproduce already published material and use illustrations or photographs will be provided.
  • Charts. In the same way as for images, these must be accompanied by a title and where appropriate the source of information, which should be referenced as indicated under “Bibliography”. They should be consecutively numbered using Arabic figures and as they appear in the body of the article. They should be supplied in Word or Excel format (preferably .rtf, .doc or .xls) separately from the text of the article, one page for each chart.
  • Summaries and key points from the text. Six paragraphs of key points which bring out the most salient points of the article should be submitted, each containing a maximum of about 30 words.
  • Bibliography. References to other publications, personal contributions or press cuttings used by the authors in preparing their work must be included.
  • It is recommended to attach a glossary.