year XIV / 2009


TRÉBOL has arrived at its 50th edition. It is still a small number in the light of the long life that awaits our publication, but it is an important number for all of those who have put our efforts into it from the very beginning; and we want to celebrate it.

Nevertheless it cannot be a traditional celebration, one of those you have when you reach the end of the path. Because ours has only just began, and we can only think of growing into our future with better and wider contents and in gaining acceptance and loyalty from our readers, clients and colleagues from insurance and reinsurance world.

This is also the will and mandate of MAPFRE RE, the first interest of which has always been to deliver the highest quality of communication and services to its clients and markets.

During the years that TRÉBOL has been published, the insurance and reinsurance sector has gone through a constant process of change, spurred not only by the events caused by its own activity, but also – and probably foremost - by the recent evolution of the world’s social, economic and financial framework. The results of this are a context and a market, which differ radically from those that where in place in 1998.

In addition, the firm continuity of MAPFRE RE, whatever the circumstances, and its consolidation as international reinsurance company, have provoked a profound change in its position in the global market, in the number of those in which it operates, in the number of its offices worldwide, in its clients and consequently in its business volume and diversity.

All this is a good and important reason to improve and extend our publication, relying on the commitment and the quality of the Editors Board that keeps TRÉBOL going with its enthusiasm and its steadiness.

This is why the number already contains some of the changes and new aspects that will mark the nature of TRÉBOL in the near future: extension of contents to new fields of knowledge that can be applied to our sector, deepening into our traditional topics, widening of its contents and a new look that we consider more attractive and functional.

We hope that the new line of TRÉBOL will be of your interest, and we count on having you among our readers for many years to come.

Juan Antonio Pardo
Chairman of TRÉBOL Editors Board