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The essence of the insurance and reinsurance industry is spreading the risk and setting accurate rates, being natural disasters a fundamental threat to its ongoing existence. Therefore, the impact of climate change must be also factored into any analysis, although John McAneney and Ryan Crompton from the Australian research centre Risk Frontiers hold that the degree of vulnerability and exposure to risk go further towards explaining the increase in the cost of insuring climate-related events seen over the last decades. Their views must be added to the controversy that has been raging for years.

Wheat, vines and olive trees form a distinctive trilogy of landscape in the countries that fringe the Mediterranean Sea. They embody a culture and traditions that draw friends and families together to enjoy a good, long, convivial meal. Spain, the world’s foremost olive-producing country, has modernised its industry to produce a range of top quality oils that are widely appreciated and consumed. Alicia Langreo and Isabel Benito review the olive oil industry’s associated market, the risks involved in olive trees growing and the insurance options that are available in Spain.

The crisis that began in 2008 will be examined in history and economics treatises. Their findings will allow us to draw lessons that are not obviously apparent in our everyday lives. trebol interviews the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz, who points out the clearly positive aspects of Spain’s latest trade balance figures. In his role as President of ICEX Spain Exports and Investments, he also reveals the recipe for success in the internationalisation of Spanish businesses and describes the services through which ICEX is contributing to solve the major challenge of economic recovery.

The evolution in the range of products offered by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is a metaphor for the notion of globalisation, as Nikos Antimissaris, Managing Director, passionately reveals. In 1990 the firm introduced Roadside Assistance services as an added value to their Motor insurance policies. This was followed by diversification towards niche markets related to Extended Warranties, which are marketed through the myriad channels that are available in the 21st century. The company, which originated in Spain, is now present in forty five countries, although it caters to more than eighty markets. Today, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA’s capacity for innovation makes it a key player within MAPFRE Group’s business model.