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A few years ago, longevity with quality of life was presented as one of society’s moral obligations to its elderly, associated with a variety of wealth-generating business activities. Although some economic and political powers offer a much more negative forecast with regard to the sustainability of these schemes, Dr. Ana Villanueva, Medical Director of Life, Health and Personal Accident business at MAPFRE RE, provides a more useful message in her article at this Trébol issue. Lifestyle and health – everybody’s responsibility towards a better world.

The insurance market in Russia, like those in the main “emerging” countries such as China, Brazil and India, is developing in its own individual way. A common trend is being seen which involves starting to partially follow the Western model, keeping majority control of shareholdings in companies in the sector and retaining the classes of business which are theoretically the most profitable. Vladimir Kalinin, MAPFRE RE’s Commercial Adviser for Russia in Moscow, uses local criteria and an international perspective to interpret the official statistics and figures that characterise a dizzying market.

The Earth is a living planet with constant seismic activity, although only peak events stir people’s consciences and raise questions. Trébol has gathered the opinions of Dr. Tiziana Rossetto, Chairperson of the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) in London, on the mission of the body that she heads. Its aim is to visit postearthquake scenarios to analyse the behaviour of structures and buildings, so that the conclusions can be translated into earthquakeresistant building codes and prevent collapses and therefore, victims in future earthquakes.

Interest in travel is synonymous with taste for culture. Getting to know social, economic and cultural settings different from one’s own allows people to play down or at least better understand extremes. Javier Reverte felt the call of the world as a child and ever since, has taken advantage of the opportunities that his work as a journalist offered him to get to know new places and people. Today, he chooses where and how he wants to go: Africa, America and Greece are his favourite destinations. Readers are the ones who benefit from his travel books and novels, which broaden minds and provide ideas for the next adventure. Trébol congratulates him on his new work.