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In these troubled times, it seems that it is necessary to reinvent yourself in order to be reborn and rid yourself of past mistakes. Sofía Pescarmona, President of Bodega Lagarde in Mendoza, provides us with a good example: the evolution of the wine industry in Argentina. She covers from the arrival of new European settlers in Argentina´s Cuyo region, with their knowledge of vines and wine making, up to the current situation as a market for exporting Premium wines. Since all business activities involve risk, staff of Mercantil Andina Insurance Company explains the covers available for each stage, from the vineyard to the wine glass. We wish them an excellent 2013 harvest.

The term “Bioethics” comes from the Greek words bios, life and ethos, behaviour. The Hippocratic Oath and Ethical Principles have turned into proceedings and specific regulations involving the most critical events in human life: conception, treatment of diseases and death. Dr. Ana Luisa Villanueva, Chief Medical Director of the Life, Health & Accident Division at MAPFRE RE, reviews the solutions proposed by Bioethics to modern world challenges such as human reproduction, healthcare relationships, final moments of life, research, neuroethics and insurance.

Possibly, history will consider that the 2008 financial crisis in Iceland was a scaled-down example of what would happen in Europe soon after. Xavier Moret, a journalist and traveller who has fallen in love with Iceland, has gathered opinions of its inhabitants on the people´s subsequent reaction to its politicians and bankers. He also refers to other characteristics of this highly dangerous volcanic island situated in the middle of the Atlantic: its history, music, environment, literature, economy and the insurance of natural risks.

For several generations of Spaniards, shopping in Zara was their first fashion conscious decision. At last, in the Zara shops, youngsters felt that their tastes and trends were understood. Over the years, when visiting the principal cities around the world, it is typical to come across an Inditex shop in the main high streets and shopping centres. The Group continues to surprise with new propositions for all ages of the general public and at the same time, it is committed to solid strategic plans of investment and geographical expansion, as well as robust environmental and human resources policies.

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