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Vol 20 nº 4 Octubre/Diciembre 2009

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Analysis of the medical-legal consequences of patient lawsuits. A comparative study of the cases of traumatology, gynecology and obstetrics, anesthesia and resuscitation, and dentistry

Perea Pérez B,
Santiago Sáez A,
Labajo González M E,
Albarrán Juan M L,
Sánchez Sánchez J A 1

1 Escuela Medicina Legal y Forense de Madrid. Facultad de Medicina. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Objetives: To establish a homogeneous database of patient legal claims; analyze these claims and the damage derived from them; and to perform a descriptive and comparative analysis of some of the most representative medical specialties.

Methods: A total of 1899 Spanish civil-penal and administrative contention court sentences were studied.

Results: The most claimed medical specialties were orthopedic surgery and traumatology, and gynecology and obstetrics. In both cases the condemning sentences represented about 50%. Regarding the compensation sums, the largest corresponded to anesthesia and resuscitation, followed by gynecology and obstetrics, and dentistry in last position.

Conclusion: The data obtained are relevant for defining the professional civil liability insurance coverage of each of the medical specialties.

Key words: Lawsuit, compensation sum, medical specialty, healthcare professions.


M. E. Labajo González
Escuela Medicina Legal y Forense de Madrid.
Facultad de Medicina. Pabellón 7. Avda. Complutense s/n. 28040. Madrid.

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