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Implication of neurotrophic factors in the neuronal transdifferentiation of adult mesenchymal stem cells

Zurita M., Aguayo C., Oya S., Vaquero J.

Unidad de Investigación Neurociencias de la FUNDACION MAPFRE
Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro. Madrid

Introduction: Recently has been reported that under certain experimental conditions, adult mesenchymal stem cells (SC) show neuronal transdifferentiation. The observation that the presence of Schwann cells promotes neuronal transdifferentiation of bone marrow stromal SC has motivated the realization of the present study, with the purpose of knowing the possible implication of neurotrophic factors in this process.

Material and methods: We have cultured adult mesenchymal SC obtained from the stroma of the bone marrow, adding to the cultures recombinant Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF, 10 ng/ml)), Nervous growth factor (NGF 7S, 10 ng/ml) and retinoic acid (5 μg/ml). The percentage of cells showing neuronal morphology and expressing Neurofilament protein, (NFP, 200 Kd) was valued after 2, 7 and 14 days, and these data were compared with the data obtained in a previous study carrying out SC transdifferentiation by beta-mercaptoethanol or culturing adult mesenchymal SC in presence of Schwann cells.

Results: The results show that NGF and BDNF are neurotrophic factors able to achieve neuronal transdifferentiation of adult mesenchymal SC, with a percentage of SC showing neuronal morphology similar to which is obtained using beta-mercaptoethanol or Schwann cells.

Conclusions: These findings suggest that neuronal transdifferentiation obtained in vivo, when adult mesenchymal SC are implanted in the Nervous System, may be mainly related with the local presence of neurotrophic factors. Thus, is questionable the necessity of proceeding in vitro to a neuronal transdifferentiation of adult SC, as a previous step, when local administration of adult SC is considered for the treatment of System Nervous lesions.


J. Vaquero. Servicio de Neurocirugía.
Hospital Puerta de Hierro.
San Martín de Porres 4. 28035-Madrid.

Beca de investigación FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, 2005.

MAPFRE MEDICINA, 2007; 18 (3): 201-208

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